Fire Ratings, what do you know?

Most people don't know about fire ratings, its not something you think about, unless its kids pajamas. Right?

Fire stop systems are typically categorized according through-penetration of

  • flames

  • temperature

  • smoke

Ratings according ASTM E814, (Originally called the "American Society for Testing Materials" in 1902, it became the "American Society for Testing and Materials" in 1961 before it changed its name to “ASTM International” in 2001 and added the tagline "Standards Worldwide".) "Fire Tests of Through Penetration Fire Stops" are:

F-rating, Flame Ratings

The F-rating is expressed in hours and the number indicates the specific length of time that a barrier can withstand fire before being consumed or before permitting the passage of flame through the opening.

A F-rated opening shall also withstand a hose stream test.

T-rating, Thermal Ratings

The T-rating is expressed in hours and the number indicates the length of time that the temperature on the non-fire side of the penetration does not exceed 325 degrees F (163 oC) above the ambient temperature. This ensures that the temperature on the side of the wall away from the flame does not reach the flash point of any materials on that side of the wall.

L-rating, Smoke Ratings

The L-rating is the amount of air (or cold smoke) that can leak through a penetration and the number indicates the amount of air in cubic feet per minute.

L-ratings are tested with a differential pressure of 0.30 inches water column (75 Pa) at 75 degrees F and at 400 degrees

These ratings may not mean much to you. In the construction industry, ratings like this can make a tremendous difference in the amount of time residents of a building may have to exit safely during a fire.

Until next time my friends. Thankful for Wolfe Firestopping LLC and the difference we can make in the community.


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